Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yessi Gala Tornado Erben Joins Cinco Deseos Ranch

Say Hello to Yessi Gala Tornado Erben
as she Joins Cinco Deseos Ranch!

Above and below, at home with her litter mates!

Through the gracious generosity of repeat customers Bob and Chris Lansing, Yessi Gala Tornado Erben, Litter Y2 whelped 2/18/2016, has arrived to join Cinco Deseos Ranch from the Czech Republic!  

In the grand tradition of my previous three dogs from Tornado Erben (Xanto, Zaca and Zzeleste), Yessi adds the coveted brindle color back to my pack and breeding program.  

Out of "A" rated Hip Displaysia free and Elbow Displaysia free parents, this gorgeous, huge girl will be added to my existing stable of three Spanish Mastiff females (Tioda de Abelgas, Cinco Deseos Ranch Hermosa and Cinco Deseos Ranch Gwangi) for future breedings.  

A big thank you to Lenka Erbenova for letting me have this stunning girl and bring her to the USA.  A big thanks again to Pavel Kliment who's shipping services are as always once again, top notch, safe and most comfortable for the animal.
Yessi is almost a spitting image of my dear late Xanto Tornado Erben in color and markings.  She will not only add the beautiful brindle coloring, but size, substance, excellent ear set and great angulation and movement to my breeding program.  Her introduction to livestock starts immediately as she is immersed in my pack, cattle and sheep.  

Yessi is the fourth Spanish Mastiff I have brought over from Lenka, and hands down, all of the previous Tornado Erben dogs developed into outstanding livestock guardians, and so have their puppies that I bred and raised here.  I am very proud and honored to be able to add another puppy from Lenka's pack to mine!  

As some of you who follow my ranch, kennel, writings and my dogs know, it's been a rough couple of years here for my passion of raising Livestock Guardian Dogs, with many tragic losses.  Many people have mistakenly written me off or think I am "done". I want to take this opportunity to thank the many friends, customers and supporters who have faithfully stuck with me and my dogs and my breeding program through thick and thin, good luck and bad.  Your confidence in me and the quality of the dogs I raise here, and their performance for you on your ranches, homesteads and farms, has bolstered me and I look forward to continuing to breed the best and most beautiful working Spanish and Pyrenean Mastiffs in America!

Her parents are pictured below:

Below:  Home at last (almost!) at the Lansing's farm in California.  
Next stop: Winnemucca, Nevada!:

Photos below by Lenka Erbenova

Yessi's pedigree is below showing the famous Trashumancia line in her background.  Her father is a rare "White Tiger" brindle.  Druso de la Aljabara was also in Xanto, Zaca and Zzeleste's pedigrees:

Tigrin III de Trashumancia
Spain, HD A, ED 0/0, OCD negative
Maciste de Trashumancia
Jorgete de Trashumancia
Clotilda de Trashumancia
Josefa de Trashumancia
Šampion Španelska
Tigre de los Montes Pravianos
Conga de Trashumancia
Noble Victoria Tornádo Erben
HD A, ED 0/0
Dali de la Aljabara
HD A, ED 0/0
Bruno de las Canadas
Ulia de la Aljabara
Interchampion, Grandchampion, Champion CZ, SK, PL, LUxembourg, Champion CMKU, Club champion
Sofia Sol Tornádo Erben
HD A, ED 0/0
Druso de la Aljabara
Veteran World Winner 2015, European winner 2010
Interchampion. Veteran champion,
Czech champion, Slovak champion, Champion of Germany, Champion of Slovenia, Champion of Poland, Champion of Hungary, Club champion, Czech and Slovak grandchampion
Lois Tornádo Erben