Monday, September 19, 2016

Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dog Patron is an EPI Calendar Boy

Once again my beloved, magnificent Patron (Aneto del Viejo Paramo, Nistos del Valdejera x Diana de Buxionte,  bred by Oscar and Lourdes Ruano Pach in Spain), is a gorgeous "calendar boy" for the Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency organization!  His photos grace December 2017 in Calendar #10.  The calendar can be seen in full at this link here and if ordered here directly from the good folks at the EPI Foundation, you'll save money…and be helping a good cause.

Educate to eliminate EPI!

"Thank you everyone for all the amazing photo submissions.... we laughed, we cried when putting these calendars together... so many emotions your pictures evoked! This year there are 27 calendars ......every single EPI pet whose picture(s) were submitted has one month dedicated to them. And..... please take a moment to THANK Butterbean's mom, Susan Messer for actually designing the calendars this year...i needed help with this project and she did a fabulous job! Thank you Susan!

Please know that if you order a calendar.... give approximately 2-3 weeks to receive your calendars. For those outside the USA it might take a week longer.

If you order directly from Epi4Dogs Product page via Paypal (use Donate buttons) the prices are $24 in the USA and $29 outside the USA (shipping and handling is already included in these prices)

If you order from the calendar store, the price is more, $26.75, to cover handling charges.
I hope you enjoy the calendars!"

100% of net calendar donations fund EPI Research and EPI Awareness efforts. A full accounting of calendar production & processing costs and donations will be posted on the Epi4Dogs website. Zero dollars go to administration fees as Epi4Dogs is a 100% volunteer organization.

Olesia C. Kennedy, President
Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc.
A Non-Profit Public Charity