Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Livestock Guardian Dog Feeding Station

Livestock Guardian Dog Feeding Station

A Texas Cinco Deseos Ranch customer constructs a sturdy structure that keeps goats out 
and her LGD's dog food pest free, dry and available 24/7

© 2017 Brenda M. Negri

 A top notch job: my Texas LGD customer completing her LGD feeding station.  Quality work and materials ensured this station will live a long and productive life allowing her hard working LGDs safe access 24/7 to food.  This station allows her dogs to eat even when she is not there to feed them.

Goats will eat just about anything, and that includes your LGD's valuable dog food.  Not all operations are set up or able to leave dog food out 24/7 for their hard working guardians.  Too many operators often assume their dogs are getting enough food when in reality, their goats are stealing it. 

A hungry LGD soon has other things on his mind other than protecting his goats: namely, survival and food to quell his hunger.  Don't let this happen to your dog.

A customer of mine in Texas found a solution in constructing a sturdy, raised and covered station that keeps her large commercial goat herd out, while allowing her four Cinco Deseos Ranch bred LGDs access to their food under a canopy that provides shade and protection from sun and rain.  The unique triangle entry door keeps goats out while allowing her large dogs access to the food.  The raised floor makes for sturdy footing and a repellant to insects. The photos show you the construction of this elegant, sturdy yet relatively simple plan that has worked well for her in heavy brush and predator load country.  

Unique inverted triangle allows her large Spanish Mastiff cross LGDs access to food, but foils goats.
The no-climb type field fencing with small holes keeps out large varmints such as raccoons and rabbits, and feral hogs cannot access the food.

Raised floor keeps insects, dirt and mud out.
A first rate job that has paid off!