Friday, June 14, 2013

Spanish Mastiff Pups in my Sheep

At 8 1/2 weeks, showing steady interest, calm demeanors and confidence when in the sheep.  Being raised in a huge pack has given these pups a leg up on others who don't get this wonderful experience and the unique opportunity to learn from elder dogs and up and coming, doting adolescents like my half Spanish Mastiff girls Rose and Pilar.

My pups are never pressed, hurried or forced upon the sheep.  I take longer perhaps than others to bring them into what will be their full life ahead.  But by taking it in steps and not rushing, I have found the pups have sounder minds, exhibit far more confidence and enjoyment out of guarding.

At present, I own the most Spanish Mastiffs of anyone in the USA and own the most imports of anyone.  Down the road in the near future, I hope to bring over another pup from Spain - from Abelgas, of course.

I am holding back three pups from these two litters I have here now for future breedings.  Two more litters are planned this year out of Furiano and La Reina and Pia.

I can't say enough good about this breed and think its suffered from unpopularity in this country due mostly to the show-focused breeders (namely Lois Jordan, puppy mill Anne Latimer Goetz and others) who have corrupted the breed's reputation here in trying to AKC recognize it and pushing show conformation standards on it, while ignoring the guarding instinct.  Ah, but that's all being pushed aside now as someone who really seriously cares about these dogs being used for their original purpose is breeding them now...yup, and that someone be moi.

These dogs are truly unique and different than Akbash, Pyrenees, Kangals, and other popular LGD breeds.  But they have their own charm, and strengths.  Not for everyone, but for those who are the right match - nothing else will suffice.....

And meanwhile, the stalwart survivors of the mega-B litter (16 - an American record for the breed matching the record in Europe) are 5 weeks old, in the barn next to the sheep, and getting their sea legs and gumption to explore more and more.  Many are turning brindle like their sire, Xanto, and one is a dapper 'Boston Terrier' marked, stunning male going to a customer who owns one of my "Oops" SM cross pups from 2012 litters.  I'll be holding back a female from this Tornado Erben / Abelgas cross.

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