Thursday, July 10, 2014


These are what true, real working Spanish Mastiffs look like, on the job in Spain.  

Below, Spanish Mastiffs of Gregorio Fidalgo Tejedor of Mastines de Abelgas, with their sheep in Spain.  The 'bob tailed' SM often shows up in a litter, and is a throwback.  The dark male in the lead is Guido, sire of one of my Abelgas females that I imported here.

I'm proud to be the only person in the USA Abelgas is working with and has exported dogs to.  I am excited to announce that in order to maintain the best bloodlines here, and expand my breeding choices, more Spanish Mastiffs will be coming from Abelgas to my ranch from Spain later this year.  

The two litters I have out of my Abelgas girls at the ranch now sold out immediately as the word has spread about just how incomparable these dogs are as guardians.  Crossed with my non-Abelgas Spanish Mastiffs, the litters still retain exceptional guarding, nurturing abilities and intelligence.  And because my SM are uniquely pack raised, they come out of here far more advanced than other LGDs who are not raised this way.

More photos of Abelgas dogs on the job are below.  

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