Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Way of The Pack: Understanding & Living With Livestock Guardian Dogs

Understanding & Living With
Livestock Guardian Dogs

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My LGD training, understanding and use book is coming along great with a publisher showing strong interest in it.  I'm excited about the response from people when told this will be a practical, hands on manual for shepherds - no rehashing of breed histories; this won't be another vanity publication detailing someone's grant funded flowery travel tales of exotic locales and stories of "how they do it" some place else.  That is not what American farmers and ranchers ned.  The American LGD owner needs to know how best to use these dogs HERE, in a responsible, compassionate manner that shows respect - NOT mistreatment - of these great dogs.  If you are sick and tired of reading authors talk about and promote cruel shock collar remedies, the use of inhumane "yokes", the promoting of inhumane range whelping by uncaring shepherds of feral LGDs, then this book is for you because it will show you the other side of the coin.  It will focus on more responsible and compassionate ways to own and raise and use these dogs.  This book will hopefully be the one you refer to time and again and instead of being regulated to a bookshelf or coffee table after one read, and you'll keep it handy in the barn for quick reference.

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