Sunday, May 4, 2014

Learn to Discern Quality and Health in REAL Working Spanish Mastiffs

Like anything else in the world, there is both good and bad out there in Spanish Mastiffs.  There are people trying to pass dogs off as Spanish Mastiffs who are not Spanish Mastiffs.  

Learn to tell the difference.  

If you don't you have no one to blame but yourself.

What follows below are several photos of REAL Spanish Mastiff dogs and puppies I have bred here from my imported stock from Spain and the Czech Republic, and imports.  

These are what healthy, robust REAL working Spanish Mastiffs look like.  Good flesh, muscle tone, vigorous, alert, intelligent expressions with depth and knowing - a 'wisdom of the ages' look.  

It is hoped by looking at what real working SM look like on this blog, that it will assist readers in telling the good from the bad.  There seems to be a whole crop of neophytes out there who are easily misled down primrose planted paths by lesser and unscrupulous dog breeders.  Don't be one of them. Educate yourself.

Unfortunately there are too many unhealthy, inferior Spanish Mastiffs being bred in America.  Some are undersized, lacking type and bone, and sickly.  Some are sub-standard specimens from puppy mills and others are pseudo working dogs being bred for conformation and AKC acceptance, not work ethic.  As this increases, there is great concern that the working instinct of this breed will be snuffed out by conformation focused breeders.  That is what I fight hardest against.

Learn to tell the difference between mediocrity and excellence.   LOOK at what you are looking at.  Stop allowing people to pablum feed you a bunch of bunk.  ASK questions.  If they say that dog is "half Spanish Mastiff" they had darned well better be coughing up photos of the Spanish Mastiff half.  If they don't, run in the opposite direction.  

There are a few LGD breeders out there now trying to pull this one off a lot because SM's have become popular.  Of course they don't really OWN a REAL SM themselves, so they concoct an invisible Spanish Mastiff 'sire' floating around out there someplace in the wilds of Montana.  It wouldn't be bad if they'd just confess the pups they are peddling are probably only 1/8th SM but no, they usually try to make them out to be more than they really are.  And what they look like is never anything close to the photos below.

Don't be duped by unscrupulous dog breeders trying to make silk purses out of sow's ears. 

The bottom line is: YOU need to expect and demand honesty from a Spanish Mastiff breeder and top quality in their dogs; if you don't, the only person you can blame is yourself.  

If YOU settle for mediocrity, and don't care if an unscrupulous breeder is lying through their teeth to you, well, what does that tell me about you?  

A lot, unfortunately…..


Below:  Like father, like sons.  Double Abelgas bred pups Gus and Clyde (named Chili Verde and Cinco from my "C" Litter) and Oso (named Coso) out of Furiano de Puerto Canencia and Tioda de Abelgas.

Below, Agostin and Argenta, Furiano pups out of Zaca Tornado Erben.
Depth, soul, nobility and intelligence.  These attributes are what this ancient noble breed should always possess.  Good specimens of Spanish Mastiffs show this.  Argenta, below.
Various photos of my Abelgas bitches Loba (Crisa) and Tioda, taken when younger and recently.

 Below:  Tioda (LaReina) de Abelgas, the Sphinx….
 Furiano in his sheep.
Agostin, below, showing tremendous strength, size and a most intense and devoted guarding instinct.  Another son of Furiano and Zaca.
Below, again, like father….like son.  Xanto Tornado Erben, solid muscle and power, and his son out of Loba, Beau Beau the day he turned 8 weeks old.  Note size of his feet.

Below, more pups I raised here, getting time in their sheep and heifers, and some of my Spanish Mastiffs.

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