Monday, July 11, 2016

Hercules del Viejo Paramo Arrives From Spain; Future Cinco Deseos Ranch Stud

Hercules and his breeder Lourdes Camarero Martin at the Madrid Airport
enroute to Elayne Allen's farm in Missouri, USA!

In an exclusive partnership, an existing LGD customer Elayne Allen of Missouri, has just brought over handsome Hercules from Spain's Viejo Paramo kennels - bred by Oscar Ruano Pach and Lourdes Camarero Martin - to not only guard her horses, cattle and goats on her large farm, but to be used as a future stud via AI at Cinco Deseos Ranch exclusively for my four females (Tioda de Abelgas, Cinco Deseos Ranch Hermosa and Gwangi, and new Czech import Yessi Gala Tornado Erben).  This gorgeous black and tan boy arrived this afternoon in Chicago and is on his way home to the Allen's large farm to recoup from a long trip!  Elayne has had so much excitement bringing over her first import that she has already told me on the phone while driving home from Chicago that, "The next time, we're bringing over two!" (Sounds good to me…)

Elayne is the new and wonderful home for my retired Crisa (Loba) de Abeglas who is spayed and living out her 'retirement' days guarding cattle and goats for Elayne.  Elayne has also bought three other dogs from me - Pyrenean Mastiffs - including Bear, the 'miracle pup' who survived losing one eye here as a toddler pup on my ranch, and is doing a grand job living large in Missouri!  Elayne fell in love with the Spanish Mastiff after getting Loba and is excited to be adding more - she is on my list for more pups in the future.  "You can't have too many dogs!" she quips, something I have been guilty of saying myself!

More baby puppy photos of Hercules are below including his pedigree and parents.  Oscar and Lourdes are the breeders of my beloved Patron and are founding members of the famous working Mastin Espanol group in Spain, ORTROS which also includes my 'hero' and mentor, Gregorio Fidalgo Tejedor of Abelgas/Ganadaria Fial.  

Hercules is related to Patron on his mother's side.  His m other is a beautiful red daughter of Diana  (Patron's sire was deemed to be the EPI carrier and his mother, Diana de Buxionte, has subsequently produced EPI-free pups/litters).  I am thrilled at Elayne's partnership and acquisition as it will combine more new Spanish bloodlines with my existing lines here that come from proven working dogs and show lines.  At just three months Hercules already shows plenty of leg and size for his age and per Elayne, weathered the grueling air transport from Madrid in tired but good shape!

Here is his Litter/Camada "H" in Spain below: 

His sire, Jucar de 4 Elementos (Melchor de Riolagos x Celeste de Alexpar), HD Free:

Hercule's massive, stunning grandfather Melcor de Riolago, can be seen here:

Hercule's dam, the lovely, vibrant red Elora del Viejo Paramo (Sargon de Filandon x Diana de Buxionte):

Sargon de Filandon, grandfather of Hercules on his mother's side:

On Hercule's dam's side, here are more photos and partial pedigree of grandmother Diana de Buxionte (she is also mother of my 'famous' Patron):

Hercules joins my huge Furiano de Puerto Canencia now in my 'stud stable' of males and will be AI'd to be bred to my girls in the future.  I'm truly excited to have Elayne on my team and we look forward to producing more top notch purebred big, working Spanish Mastiffs out of some of the best bloodlines in the world!