Sunday, November 10, 2013

The First Double Bred Abelgas Litter born in the USA

My "C" Litter of Spanish Mastiffs was born October 17th.  The pups are now just a tad over three weeks of age and in the barn between my hen house and the sheep.

Furiano de Puerto Canencia (Baruc de Puerto Canencia x Yeza de Abelgas) x Tioda de Abelgas 

Out of 13 pups, 10 have made it (one stillborn, one faded at one week and mama accidentally laid on one).   They are active, keen and advanced for their young ages.  Their straw bedding is interlaced with tufts of sheep wool so they are used to the smell of the sheep.  They will be getting their first exposure and introduction to the sheep this coming week, and the chickens as well.

For true, purebred working Spanish Mastiff bloodlines, I don't think it can get much better than this.  Both Furiano and "LaReina" are outstanding guardians, calm, never overly aggressive, tough and serious.   Furiano, a staggering 36" tall, is a popular dog with all of my guests.  He is affectionate with children and of steady mind and sound body.  Although both dogs have plenty of loose skin, they are both fit and well proportioned and travel well with ease.  They both possess classically beautiful heads and profiles.

And both parents, although not hip tested yet (their official OFA testing is on my bucket list for 2014) they both come from multi-generations of HD free rated brood stock.

I am proud to say that Abelgas Kennel breeder Gregorio Fidalgo Tejdor in Spain is very pleased with the great looks of this promising litter.

Below, daddy checks in on his pups.