Thursday, November 27, 2014

Spanish Mastiffs and Wolves

A Facebook post from my Spanish friend, David Vega:

A pack of wolves attacked a Goat herd in my land yesterday and fight to death against Spanish Mastiffs. Here is “Duque” a Spanish Mastiff who got injuries in the ear and the leg. 13 dogs ( 12 SMs and 1 Belgian shepherd) were watching this Goat herd in a remote region of “Camaleño” in Cantabria, Spain. This guy has 2 dogs at the front, 9 on the side of the herd and 2 protecting the back. 8 wolves attacked two dogs : A SM and The Belgian Shepherd, and killed 5 goats , it was a well planned attack. But Still 8 wolves vs 2 dogs, no dogs killed just 5 goats, because the pack heard the sounds of the fight and came to the rescue. I bet you some of these wolves are bad injured.