Friday, September 11, 2015

Some Good Stuff from Ruffly Speaking

The Dog Days of Summer are coming to an end and Fall is around the corner.

I now and then find time to peruse other blogs out there in Dogdom on the Internet.

Some are great.  Some are beyond great!  Some are mediocre.   Some are just ho-hum.  Others make me choke, they are so bad or so arrogant or self-entitled, or so grossly misguided, they make me start looking for a bottle of something 100 proof.

But occasionally I stumble upon another blogger and dog lover with such great stuff on it that it bears sharing.

I hit pay dirt this week on Ruffly Speaking, a blog that, more often than not, hits the nail on the head about breeding, rearing pups and many other subjects.  Joanna Kimball has recently begun blogging again after a three year hiatus due to a job.  

Check out this poster about puppy exercise.

How about this one on puppy buyer etiquette.

Or how about this one for responsible breeding….

You get the idea.  Enjoy.