Sunday, February 7, 2016

Livestock Guardian Dogs: "Don't Forget to Breathe"

From the 2008 film, The Forbidden Kingdom


Sometimes with LGDs, we think too much.  We fear too much.  We worry too much.

We fear the unknown.  Always trying to predict.

Afraid of what might happen.  Afraid of what does happen.

Letting go of preconceptions will open your mind. 

If your mind is already full of knowledge, you cannot learn more.  

So empty your cup.  

Do not be afraid of your dog.  Trust him.  Allow him to trust you.

Do not be afraid of what could or might happen.  Be here now.  Learn to trust.

Make eye contact with your dog every day.  Show respect.

Stop trying to predict all possible situations.  You will never be able to know them all.

Simplify.  Slow down.  Observe.  Listen.  Trust.  Learn from mistakes.

Allow and promote confidence in your dog.

No "what if's" and "maybe's".  

Be calm.  Show respect and love.  Your dog will sense this.

And don't forget to Breathe.