Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground

This 2012 multi award-nominated film by Conservation Media and People and Carnivores on the benefits of using Livestock Guardian Dogs to promote co-existence is a wonderful introduction to using Livestock Guardian Dogs. 

I am a very outspoken and strong proponent of co-existence with predators.  In fact, my refusal to waiver from this stance over the years frequently puts me on the receiving end of hate mail, vicious libel and slanderous comments on the Internet from other LGD owners and breeders, ranchers and those of the "kill them all" mindset who prefer the "shoot, shovel and shut up" method of dealing with predators.  

Using LGDs in the right way - with the right breeds from quality working stock and raising them right from puppyhood with livestock - can be an important component of a successful co-existence program.

My ranch and dogs were featured in it - along with some darling Pyrenean Mastiff puppies and gnarly looking  spiked protective LGD collars.  :)  I was honored to host Steve Primm and Jeremy Roberts for two days of filming here.

If you have not watched it yet, sit back and enjoy!