Thursday, March 31, 2016

Springtime in Nevada: Sheep, Shearing, Snow and Sun

After a blustery week of wind and two solid days of non-stop snow (a new record set in some Nevada towns for March snow accumulation), it's time to dry out and start shearing a band of just under 1,000 head of sheep.  Spending a few days helping a friend's son's commercial sheep operation shear, sort and grade wool just outside of Winnemucca - lots of hard work but fun and certainly a learning experience.

Of course two of their LGDs had to inspect my truck and its "fragrant" odors from my 14 dogs.  This guy growled and snapped as I approached my truck, but I kept coming, turned my side to him, and after giving him "the hard eye" and my best Mr. Miyagi grunt/growl,  he backed way off, way quick.

Bummer lambs enjoying the sun.

Lots of wool, and this is just the beginning.  Sorted by length and grade.

A nice barn set up.  Wool sorting/grading table where we'd lay out the fleeces, pick and clean, and sort and grade.  The alley way is crowded with sheep next in line to be sheared.

The shearing crew going at it.

Everyone enjoying some badly missed sun after a stormy week.

Satisfied I wasn't a threat to their bummer lambs, the two sentries head back to the barn.  See you tomorrow, guys.